6 Reasons to Skip Starbucks and Visit Your Local Coffee Shop Instead

(1) There’s a lot to be said for passion when starting up a business. Chances are the owners of your local coffee shop set it up out of genuine interest in hospitality and out of plain and simple adoration for coffee. Chances are they’ve also had to scrimp and save in order to make their dream a reality. The money you spend goes to the individual as opposed to a big corporation (not that they don’t deserve business, but their profit margins are probably impressive enough as it is). 


(2) They actually care about their customers. Not only are these local entrepreneurs invested financially, but also emotionally. You’re guaranteed a more personable experience when you visit a locally run coffee shop. They will genuinely appreciate your loyalty, too.

(3) They are more likely to use local produce, boosting the local economy and supporting local jobs. It also means the produce is more fresh, too, since it’s not travelling cross-country in a truck.

(4) Less trucks on the road also means less pollution, so that’s a big plus too!

(5) The coffee is much cheaper, and is generally better quality. Why spend a fiver in Starbucks when you can get something better around the corner for a fraction of the price?


(6) Who doesn’t enjoy a sneaky brownie with their latte? The coffee cakes and buns are cheaper and fresher at your local café. As they’ve most likely come from a local bakery and not had to travel in HGVs, they’re going to be even more yummy than something you’d get in Starbucks which is mass-produced and over-priced (and not made with TLC). If you’re a bit peckish and order a sandwich, it’ll be made up to order, as opposed to sitting in a plastic package waiting to be picked up.



Overall, if you skip Starbucks and go to your locally run coffee-shop, you’re pretty much guaranteed a more personable service, fresher and cheaper produce from local sources all while helping our planet stay lovely and green by helping to cut down on pollution caused by HGVs. You’re also promoting a sense of community by supporting local jobs and your neighbour’s dreams of owning their own little slice of coffee-heaven.



One thought on “6 Reasons to Skip Starbucks and Visit Your Local Coffee Shop Instead

  1. Great points of visiting local coffee shops. I do admit Starbucks’s coffee shops are great for meeting points or just hang around, but I agree with you that local coffee shops have more passion in terms of making and serving the coffee. It is always good to hear the visions of the owners. Thank you for posting this.


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