5 Steps to Faking Confidence

We’ve all been there, right? When we’re put into situations when you really need to come across as confident, when in reality all you want to do is curl up into the foetal position and whimper into your favourite stuffed animal.

Here’s a few tips and tricks for keeping your wits about you, even though you actually feel super edgy, and just down right jittery.


Pop those shoulders back and stand up straight! On an unconscious level, we communicate to our peers through body language. With folded arms and legs, and keeping your head down, you’re essentially just giving the world a big F you! By keeping your arms and legs unfolded, you’re displaying that you’re self-assured and open to communication. Smiling helps too!


Eye contact

While on the topic of body language, you should try and make eye contact with the people you are conversing with. Now, this doesn’t mean you should gawk at them for an uncomfortable amount of time (because that would be hella awkward and you’d seem like a huge creeper).

Try and maintain eye contact for about 4 to 5 seconds. When you break away don’t look down as that could signal the end of the conversation – instead look to the side. Always try to make an effort to look people in the eyes as it will signal confidence – but be wary of being a gapey weirdo.



Confident people give a nice firm handshake. When shaking someone’s hand don’t just give them the limp fish – firmly grip their hand (without breaking their fingers because that’s pretty unpleasant too). You really can tell a lot about a person by their handshake, so make it a good one.


Quit apoligising for everything! 

This is something I’m guilty of. I apologise for everything. I’m the type of person that would apologise to a chair after bumping into it.Especially when I’m in a new setting and feeling nervous, it’s as though a constant stream of sorrys is the only thing coming out of my mouth.

Unless you’ve actually done something that causes someone else inconvenience – keep your cool.


Work on your self-image

Be nice to yourself. You wouldn’t hang out with someone to speaks to someone else the way that you speak to yourself sometimes, so instead of saying ‘I look like a squid today’, pick something positive instead, even if it’s something really small like ‘this blue cardigan goes well with my hair’.

Get that hairstyle you’ve wanted since you were 17. Start that hobby you’ve been dying to try even though you’ll suck at it for the first little while. Have that cupcake.

If someone compliments you, don’t argue with them. A compliment is a gift of sorts, so thank them. Because you’re fucking beautiful, inside and out.


With time these things will become second nature to you. Confidence really is the kind of thing that you have to fake until you make it. But you’ll get there some day – but for now, stand up tall, look people in the eye, shake hands firmly and think of yourself as the badass that you are!



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Photo credit
Featured image: lifehacker.com
Hilda: Disney
Chick: chibird.com
Cat’s pajamas: wesharepics.info







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