Should Ana Kriégel’s killers be named?

On June 18th 2019, two teenage boys were found guilty of the murder of Ana Kriégel.

Ana, aged just 14, was murdered by the two boys who were aged 13 at the time. One of them, known as Boy A, was also charged with sexually assaulting Ana.

She had been lured to a derelict property, Glenwood House, in south-west Dublin on May 14th 2018. Her body was found three days later, naked but for a pair of black socks.

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The glamorisation of mental illness and ‘mental health merch’

“Anyone who has actually been that sad can tell you that there’s nothing beautiful or literary or mysterious about depression”— Jasmine Warga

Suffering from a mental illness is not trendy. Nor is it glamorous. It doesn’t make you seem more edgy or sexy.

More and more, we are seeing mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, O.C.D., bi-polar disorder (but to name a few) being glamorised by, well, everyone. Bloggers, mainstream news, literature… it’s everywhere.

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